Who (or what) is the greatest character in Disney history? 9 months ago

Who (or what) is the greatest character in Disney history?

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So. Many. Potential. Answers.

Yep, we all have that one character who immediately comes to mind, from a headliner who won our hearts, to a supporting character who stole every single scene they were in.

The heroes, the villains, the comic relief, Disney have given us a lot to choose from over the years, but before you give us your answers, either on Twitter, or on Facebook, there are a few rules to answering this particular question:

Since Disney now own a lot of stuff, the character had to be from an animated Disney movie. So that means no live action stuff (sorry Mary Poppins), and no Pixar stuff (sorry Wall-E).

It also means no LucasFilm (so no Star Wars), no Marvel, and now, no Fox.

Got it? Great! Here are The Big Reviewski's answers, kicking off from 03:03 in the clip below:

Since the question was Paul's, then he gets to go first, and he went with the iconic (if underseen) Kronk from the iconic (if also underseen) The Emperor's New Groove. Paul correctly points out that the character could be picked up and plonked into any other Disney movie and work equally as well.

Justine thought she had made a boo-boo by going with Princess Anna from Frozen, until she was reminded that Frozen was, in fact, a Disney movie, and not a venture by Pixar. She then went on to tell everyone how the relationship between Anna and Elsa reminds her of her relationship with her brother, and... well... there wasn't enough time in the show to unpack that one.

Rory went next, and did what Reviewski crew call "doing an Eoghan", by picking more than one answer. One of which happened to be the same as Paul's, as he too went with Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove, but paired with the perfect comic timing of Ezma, voiced by the legendary Eartha Kitt.

And, finally, Eoghan went with the Genie from Aladdin. And we don't really need to explain that choice, do we?

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