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12th Nov 2017

Henry Cavill talks about favourite super-villains and making moustaches fashionable again

Will Superman be the one to finally return moustaches to facial fashion?

Rory Cashin

Anyone who has seen the end of Batman V Superman might be a little … confused here.

Yep, in the lead up to the release of Justice League, we sat down with Mister Henry Cavill (aka Clark Kent aka Superman) to talk about just how he slots into the new super-hero smack-down, considering… y’know… what happened last time.

Truth be told though, the interview kicks off properly with talk of his lip-accessory. Cavill is currently shooting Mission: Impossible 6 with Tom Cruise, and his character in that has a pretty intense moustache, one that is still present for this interview. Is Cavill prepared to be single-handedly responsible for the return of fashionable moustaches?

We also chatted about how difficult it was to keep the movie’s twists and turns a secret for the last year, how doing interviews about the movie can’t be easy when there’s only so much you can say about it, and which super-villain is his favourite from the history of comic books (Hint: he loves A LOT of them).

Check out our Super-chats below:

You can see just how Superman returns (or does he?) and watch the rest of the Justice League fight to save the Earth on the big screen when the movie arrives in Ireland on Friday 17 November.

In case you’ve been under a rock the last few months, here’s the trailer:

Clip via Warner Bros. Pictures

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