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Not long to go now.

Ahead of the release of House of Cards, Netflix has given us the first look at the new series, by releasing five photos.

Not much is known about the plot for the fifth series, which is back on Tuesday 30 May, aside from further revealing the cracks in the relationship between The Underwoods, and the imminent threat of re-election is also on the, uhm, cards.

The main producer for the first four seasons of the show, Beau Willimon, has quit and two of the lead writers have taken over. In case you're worried, don't be. That's exactly what happened with VEEP, and if anything that show managed to get a little bit better, if that was even possible.

This could mean a shift in a new direction for the show. Either way, it's bound to be very good.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are back, and will be joined by Michael Kelly, Irish actress Dominique McElligott, Jayne Atkinson, Neve Campbell, Derek Cecil, Paul Sparks and Joel Kinnaman.

They're still keeping a lid on most of the writers and directors for the new season - Jodie Foster and Robin "Mrs. Underwood" Wright herself directed some of the Season 4 episodes - but the early announcements include directors who have previously worked on highlight episodes of Game Of Thrones and The Americans.

Here's the first look at what to expect from Season 5:


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