It looks like Season 2 of You is going to be even "darker" than the first 9 months ago

It looks like Season 2 of You is going to be even "darker" than the first

We're not quite sure if we're ready for this just yet.

Season 2 of You is due to land on Netflix in almost exactly two weeks, and even though the show is definitely not without its flaws, we'd be lying if we said we weren't a bit excited for it.

We've already gotten a look at the trailer for the new season (which you can see here), but we're getting more information about the series in the form of a new interview with Variety.

And by the sounds of it, it's going to be even darker than the first season, which is going to take some doing.

Showrunner Sera Gamble spoke about the changes being made to the second season, saying: "The first thing we all said to each other when we sat down to work on Season 2 was, ‘We’re never going to replicate the simplicity of the Season 1 story, and we shouldn’t try.’ We shouldn’t try to capture the same feeling. We shouldn’t create the next Beck. We should go into this thinking about how to retain the spirit of Joe’s story but really take the plot in new directions."

And once again, it looks like Joe is going to be completely evil, while still feeling like he's doing the right thing.

Another showrunner Greg Berlanti for the drama spoke about the audiences' odd reaction to the character of Joe, saying: "The fascinating thing was that Joe’s character, given all his … flaws, one could call them, tested higher than any character we’ve ever tested, which is just insane to me"

Variety also described the new season by saying:"If the first season felt like a fun-house-mirror romance, the second feels part bloody thriller, part dark satire."

Interesting, if not a little bit terrifying.

Season 2 of You will be released on 26 December on Netflix.