No Time To Die director reveals the movie's most difficult stunts to film 1 year ago

No Time To Die director reveals the movie's most difficult stunts to film

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Yes, one of them is THAT incredible motorbike jump.

When we see a James Bond movie, we expect to see some big stunts.


The franchise is basically in some kind of nuclear arms race with the Mission: Impossible series to see which can pull off the more impressive big set-pieces, with the added excitement of knowing that the actors involved, more often than not, are doing those stunts for real.

No Time To Die is no different, as anyone who has seen the action-packed trailer can attest to, with the reported $300 million blockbuster absolutely filled to the gills with tense, explosive set-pieces.

And the man who has to oversee all of those is the movie's director and co-writer, Cary Joji Fukanaga (True Detective, Maniac), who marks the very first American director to helm a Bond movie.

In the run-up to the movie's release, we chatted to Fukanaga about No Time To Die, and also interviewed some of the stars of No Time To Die's including Oscar-winner Rami Malek (who plays the movie's big baddie, Safin), as well as Ben Whishaw (who has played Q since Skyfall) and Léa Seydoux (who returns as Bond's love interest Dr. Madeleine Swann).


Check out our full interview with Fukanaga right here:

During our chat with the director, he revealed his favourite Bond song, his first memory of Craig in the character, as well as actually helping the actor say goodbye to the iconic role.

But we also chatted a bit about the movie's big stunts, with the trailer's centrepiece being that bonkers bike jump, and Fukanaga did go into a bit of detail on what was required to pull that off:


"The bike stunt one was a difficult one just because of the engineering and physics involved in getting it. And just the time crunch. Lee Morrison, our stunt co-ordinator, had very little time to prep that one.

"So just getting the permits, getting the scaffolding, getting the ramp, and the angle of the ramp and getting the right crosswind and tweak the engines to get that bike in just the right engineering state was a whole feat in and of itself."

However, there is another scene that Fukanaga brought up, which appeared to be the most difficult set-piece in the movie to accomplish:

"There is one in particular, which I can't really talk about unfortunately, but it took a lot from every department to get it together to work right. And when we got the take, you could feel that excitement of everyone gathered around the monitor to watch it, you feel like 'Oh yeah, we got something cool right there'."


Having seen the film, we're 100% sure we know which action scene it is that he's referring to, and once you check out the movie, you'll know exactly what it is when you spot it, too.

No Time To Die is released in Irish cinemas on Thursday, 30 September.

Clip via Universal Pictures Ireland

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