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05th Aug 2014

Pics: This Simpsons fan has brilliantly recreated Springfield entirely out of LEGO

Forget the Mona Lisa, this is real Art.

Eoghan Doherty

Forget the Mona Lisa, this is real Art.

We’ve already had the official The Simpsons/LEGO crossover episode and we also brought you this brilliant clip of a talented fan building The Simpsons house in under 100 seconds, but have you seen the incredibly-detailed model of the town of Springfield made entirely out LEGO yet?

Well, you’re about to. That is why you clicked on this article, right?

Painstakingly and lovingly built by Flickr user and Simpsons superfan Matt De Lanoy, the set truly is a remarkable achievement featuring loads of your favourite iconic landmarks, as well as many of the show’s beloved characters going about their business; right down to Homer “working” at his desk, to Bart sawing off Jebediah Springfield’s head.

Set aside the rest of your day because you can check out the full gallery of images on Flickr here and, in the meantime, have a look at some of our personal favourites below…

lego simpsons

lego simpsons2

lego simpsons3

lego simpsons4

lego simpsons5

Images via Matt De Lanoy on Flickr.

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