RTÉ issues callout for people with the “most horrible, most embarrassing stories” for new comedy series 10 months ago

RTÉ issues callout for people with the “most horrible, most embarrassing stories” for new comedy series

If you don’t mind airing your dirty laundry in public, then this might be the show for you.

It’s not the same as it used to be given the studio set-up on The Graham Norton Show has had to change due to the impact of Covid-19, but for years, the famous ‘red chair’ on the show has provided frequent moments of hilarity from members of the public.


If you’re somehow not familiar with the format, an audience member would traditionally tell a personal tale that usually involved some form of embarrassment at their own expense.

Graham would decide whether to interrupt them mid-stream by pulling a lever and knocking them off the chair or, rarely, if it was deemed good or entertaining enough, to allow them to finish it to the end.

And it sounds like RTÉ will be tapping into similar tales of embarrassment in a new comedy panel series titled Clear History, coming soon to RTÉ 2.

As part of the show, members of the public will be given the opportunity to share their own hilarious tales of personal embarrassment on video with a panel of weekly guests from the world of comedy (details on how to do so below).

Announcing the call-out on the Jennifer Zamparelli show on 2FM, host of Clear History Kevin McGahern said: “I want you (the public) to send your cringy, most horrible, most embarrassing stories to us.”

Alongside McGahern as host of the show will be two teams captained by Joanne McNally and Colin Murphy.

Weekly guests will be asked to put comically cringy moments from their personal histories on public display, while opposing teams will re-live iconic moments from the nation’s history and hope to make them much funnier the second time around.


The teams will also take a dive into Ireland’s colourful past, selecting unforgettable and regrettable moments that could do with being cleared from history.

As far as contributions from the watching audience goes, if you or anyone you know would be interested in sharing your embarrassing story on the show, all you have to do is send a video of yourself telling said story in less than a minute to clearhistory@kiteentertainment.com.