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16th May 2023

Ryan Tubridy reveals why he’s leaving his role on the Late Late Show

Clodagh McKeon

“I wanted to turn that light down”

Ryan Tubridy has explained why he has decided to step down as host of The Late Late Show – and being in the “limelight” for 20-years has a major part to play in it.

He announced his retirement back in March and since then there’s been a lot of speculation as to who will replace him on the Friday night chat show.

Although many worthy contestants have pulled their name out of the race, Patrick Kielty is the hot favourite.

In a recent interview with the RTE Guide, Tubs said he has “zero say” in who will take over the role.

He said: “If the bosses want to re-imagine the show in the likeness of someone else, I shouldn’t have a say.

“But I will have an interest and I’m hoping they pick the right person. I was the keeper of the flame but that’s coming to an end.”

Tubridy also said that being in the limelight for 20 years is not easy and that is one reason why he’s stepping down as Late Late host.

He said: “I wanted to turn that light down. I just think I had my fill of being public property at that level.

“Now I’ve always accepted the fame thing was part and parcel of the job, but then you hit an age and think: ‘That was lovely but I don’t want to play that game any more.’”

He revealed that he thought about retiring last Summer but things got “short-circuited” and he didn’t go through with it.

Spending time with his family is a priority.

Tubs explained that another reason why he chose to retire is his family.

He has two daughters, Ella and Julia, who were very young when their father began hosting the RTE show but now, they’re 23 and 17.

The TV host said there were significant sacrifices his family had to make for him to be in the job and he never thanked them enough.

He said: “They [my family] are my be-all and end-all and it has always been family first and career second. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my daughters, who were girls when I first started this show and are now women.

“They are extraordinary young women and will kill me for talking about them so I will stop now.”

During the interview, Tubs was asked about how he’s going to adapt to retirement.

After 14 years in a big role like that, the transition will be “difficult” but he seems well prepared.

He said he’s been speaking to former professional athletes and he compares himself to them in terms of the “psychological and emotional transition”.

It’s very obvious that all the TV presenter wants is to spend time with his family and reconnect. He seems very ready for retirement.

In the RTE interview he was asked how he would live being the, ‘Who is that guy?’ again and he responded: “In peace”.

Ryan Tubridy will host his last Late Late Show on Friday May 26th and will celebrate his 50th birthday just two days later.

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