Jim Sheridan casts actress to play Sophie Toscan du Plantier in new film 3 weeks ago

Jim Sheridan casts actress to play Sophie Toscan du Plantier in new film

The Oscar nominee has described the actress as "the perfect choice for this role".

Vicky Krieps is set to play Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Oscar nominated director Jim Sheridan's upcoming film about the French woman's murder in Ireland.


The brutal killing of the television producer, which took place in the town of Schull in West Cork in 1996, triggered one of the biggest murder investigations Ireland has ever seen and became a national obsession.

Having already co-directed the five-part documentary series about the case Murder at the Cottage, Variety reports that Sheridan (best known for making In America, In the Name of the Father and My Left Foot) will also co-direct Re-creation, which is being described as a mix of documentary and drama and will see Krieps play Sophie.

The Luxembourgish-German actress' breakthrough role saw her star alongside Daniel Day-Lewis in Oscar Best Picture nominee Phantom Thread. Since then, she has had roles in such high profile movies as Bergman Island, Corsage and Old.


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Vicky Krieps will play Sophie Toscan du Plantier

Speaking about the casting, Sheridan told Variety: "Since our first meeting in Berlin, it was clear to me that Vicky was just the perfect choice for this role.

"She always looks like she has her feet on the ground but with an ethereal quality that allows her spirit to break any obstacles.”


Sheridan will direct Re-creation alongside David Merriman (Rock Against Homelessness), who said the following about the project:

“Sophie will have her place in this film beyond the tabloid headlines that have become her legacy. We feel lucky to have Vicky with us and believe she will bring the truth to this character that she deserves.”

The plot synopsis for the docu-drama reads:

"Fiction to question reality. The filmmakers embark on a journey through facts and lies behind the unsolved murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, giving her back a voice that was abruptly interrupted and helping those grieving find closure."


Supported by Screen Ireland, Variety reports that the documentary sections of Re-creation will be partly shot in Ireland, while the drama section will be shot on a sound stage in Luxembourg.

The outlet also states that producers are aiming to release the film in theatres in late 2024.

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