A Star Is Born has absolutely smashed the Irish box office 4 years ago

A Star Is Born has absolutely smashed the Irish box office

Have you seen it yet?

If you haven't seen A Star Is Born yet, 1) What are you doing with your life?, and 2) You're in the small minority.


It's nothing short of a masterpiece.

It's both heartbreaking, uplifting and everything in between.

And if you haven't been yet, the only advice we can give you is to bring tissues.

But based on the stats, you probably have seen it by now...


Bradley Cooper’s new romantic drama starring himself and Lady Gaga has topped the Irish box office having increased its take on its second weekend.

It overtook Marvel’s Venom, which opened on the same date and over the weekend beat Damien Chazelle’s First Man which opened on Friday.

You can see the breakdown from Ireland and Northern Ireland's top five in full here:

A Star Is Born -  €1,625,961 (Fri/Sat €443,153)
Venom - €1,295,706
Johnny English - €692,474
Smallfoot - €230,497 (Fri/Sat)
First Man -  €165,513 (Fri/Sat)


Topping this list is quite an achievement, especially given how well Venom performed in its first weekend.

If you want to read our full review of A Star Is Born, you can do so here.

We'll give you a hint, we really liked it.

And in case you still haven't got enough, here's our exclusive interview with the incredible Bradley Cooper.