The makers of The Flash describe Michael Keaton's first day back as Batman 5 months ago

The makers of The Flash describe Michael Keaton's first day back as Batman

"You could hear a pin drop."

After decades of Hollywood trying to bring the superhero to the big screen, a movie about The Flash has finally arrived in cinemas.


Simply titled The Flash, the blockbuster sees the character (also known as Barry Allen and played by Ezra Miller) use his powers of speed to travel back in time and save his mother from being killed.

However, doing so winds up trapping Allen in an alternate reality in which other metahumans like him do not exist, leaving Earth vulnerable to an attack by the villainous Kryptonian warrior General Zod (Michael Shannon).

In order to save the world and get back to his original reality, The Flash enlists the help of an older Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Michael Keaton), as well as some other allies.

The DC superhero flick marks Keaton's much-anticipated return as the caped crusader, having last played him in 1992's Batman Returns.


Ahead of The Flash's release, JOE had the opportunity to chat with the blockbuster's director Andy Muschietti and its producer Barbara Muschietti - both of which are also known for their work on the two IT movies.

Our entertainment editor Rory Cashin asked the pair to describe Keaton's first day back on set in the Batman suit.

Confirming it was a "magical moment", Andy Muschietti said:

"I mean, we prepared for that moment. There are several steps that end up with that spectacle. But nothing prepares you for it.

"You're building the Batcave. You're supervising the costume build. You're talking to the actor, to Michael.

"But when everything comes together, it's just an experience that's bigger than anything you experience even in movies.

"Because you're in the Batcave - we had a full Batcave with the real guy, with the Batman suit."


Barbara Muschietti added: "Generally, we have a very chatty crew preparing stuff here.

"You could hear a pin drop. It was slammed. Everybody was just waiting for this moment."

The Flash is in Irish cinemas right now.

You can watch JOE's interview with Andy and Barbara Muschietti right here:


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