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14th Oct 2015

What a character: Why Gob Bluth from Arrested Development is a TV great

Oh come on

Joe Harrington

Oh come on.

There are certain characters that become so ingrained in pop-culture that they seem to take on a life of their own.

This week we’re focusing on the outstanding character in one of the most critically-acclaimed comedies of all time.

The dimwit magician who made a lot of huge mistakes, Arrested Development’s Gob Bluth.


In three words, he’s: Hilarious, devious and unreliable.

Why he’s a TV great: Did you ever watch a TV show and end up waiting for a certain character’s scenes? That’s what it’s like with Gob Bluth on Arrested Development.

The incompetent magician grabs your attention a third of the way through season one, specifically in the scene with the actor who played Oscar De La Hoya, and he keeps it for the entire series.

He’s the most arrogant yet insecure character you’ll see on TV and his self-entitlement along with his love of magic, women and being lazy is the perfect storm.

GOB Bluth

One of the things we love about him is his constant need for approval from his father George, his brother Michael and his mother Lucille.

He’s willing to do anything and screw anyone over to get that, particularly from his father, who has little or any interest in Gob unless he can use him for something.

Gob is involved in most of the show’s most memorable bits; the chicken dance, Franklin the puppet, the bees and he’s so quotable with his catchphrases “I’ve made a huge mistake” and “Come on”.

By the way, we also love his work with Hot Cops, his segway, his stripper pants, his dare-hungry wife, his Mr. Bananagrabber creation, his ‘forget-me-nows’ and his suits.

The casting for Arrested Development is amazing and Will Arnett as Gob is perfect. Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight in the US Office almost got the part but they went with Arnett in the end. Thank God.

His best quote: “I’ve made a huge mistake.” It’s his catchphrase but every time he delivers it, you laugh.

From the time he realised Steve Holt (STEVE HOLT!) is his son to when he created George Michael’s campaign video to when he ended up stuck in prison trying to perform an escape. It’s gold.

If we could put him in any other show: There aren’t many shows as surreal and ridiculous as Arrested Development so it’s hard to see where you could fit him in.

Gob could’ve done something on 30 Rock though. Will Arnett guest starred on it as Devon Banks, but Gob would have been something else.

His best scene: All of his scenes with Franklin. We want to insert 40 laughing face emojis here.

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