It looks like Garth Brooks will play FIVE nights in Ireland after all 2 years ago

It looks like Garth Brooks will play FIVE nights in Ireland after all

Five or none, remember?

Well, it's Groundhog Day. Again!


With the general public still recovering from the news that country and western superhero Garth Brooks has held "advanced talks" over a three-night return to Ireland in 2022, we have quite the update for you.

As widely expected by anyone who lived through the great honky-tonk heartbreak of 2014, it looks like Brooks isn't settling for three dates at Dublin's Croke Park and intends, of course, to play five nights at the famous stadium.

Virgin Media News, who broke the story two weeks ago, has laid down the five-night gauntlet as of Wednesday evening.

Not only that, but we have dates. Per the Virgin Media News report, Brooks is tentatively locked in for gigs on 9, 10 and 11 of September in 2022 with an application for two further concerts on the following weekend; 16 and 17 September.


Presently, Croke Park is permitted to host three concerts a year. Ed Sheeran announced a show of his own there for 2022 just this morning. He may even add a second one, who knows?

Furthermore, there are strong rumours that Bruce Springsteen is looking to play two nights in Dublin next year, with both Croke Park and the Phoenix Park mooted as potential venues.

With all that in mind, you might anticipate some backlash in the near future. It didn't take long for the Croke Park Residents Association to weigh in on the proposed Garth Brooks return, nor angry callers to RTÉ's Liveline.

But what is country and western music if not drama persevering?