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20th Jul 2018

Louis Walsh explains why he grabbed Mel B’s backside on television

Carl Kinsella

Louis Walsh

A clip of the incident went viral recently.

This weekend on Today FM, Louis Walsh speaks to Mario Rosenstock for Mario’s Sunday Roast about a clip of him grabbing singer Mel B’s backside on television in 2014, which recently resurfaced and went viral.

Walsh was roundly condemned by many on social media for his behaviour.

Asked about the incident by Rosenstock, Walsh said: “We’d be sitting there all day on the couch doing TV, and I just grabbed her arse as a joke.”

“She was very funny and you could say anything or do anything to her and I loved her, so I would just grab her for a laugh but it’s not PC anymore.”

The footage seems to make quite it clear that Mel B didn’t find the incident funny, as she interrupted Walsh to say: “Hold on. Hold on a second. Why are you grabbing my butt? Inappropriate. Inappropriate.”

She then shifts away from him on the couch, and casts a long look towards someone off-camera.


However, Walsh remains convinced that the problem is actually just with society in general.

“Everybody is watching everybody, the papers, you can’t do anything on Twitter,” he said. “You can’t say anything, you can’t say what you really feel because you’re going to offend somebody.”

The full interview can be heard this Sunday from 11am during Mario’s Sunday Roast on Today FM.

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