Conor McGregor lashes out at RTÉ in expletive-laden Twitter rant 7 months ago

Conor McGregor lashes out at RTÉ in expletive-laden Twitter rant

McGregor is the latest to take aim at the State broadcaster in recent days.

Former UFC two-weight World Champion Conor McGregor has lashed at RTÉ on Twitter, following the recent financial controversies surrounding the State broadcaster.


A number of senior RTÉ officials appeared before an Oireachtas committee last week, and were questioned over issues such as the organisation's series of undisclosed payments to Ryan Tubridy.

The former Late Late Show host received six payments amounting to a total of €345,000, which were not included in RTÉ's publicly released accounts.

Following the revelations, McGregor took to social media site Twitter, where he accused RTÉ of "robbing" and "plotting". Although the series of tweets were deleted shortly after being posted.

Conor McGregor McGregor took aim at the State broadcaster for not highlighting his charitable work. (Credit: Getty Images)

McGregor then posted a screen recording containing screenshots of news articles about him that were published on the RTÉ News website.

He went on to later share pieces from other sites which reported on some of the 34-year-old's charitable work.

McGregor described those working at the State broadcaster as "snobby c****" in one deleted tweet, which read;


"Rte ya’s little ooh laa laa heads. Robbing, plotting, snobby c****, look at ya’s now. Laughing stock".

Other tweets included expletive-laden rants such as;

"Scheming, lying, fake c****! We want our money back! RTE, ROBBERS OF THE IRISH PUBLIC!"

The MMA superstar didn't stop with RTÉ though, later going on to take aim at the Irish government;


"I despise our government! To even lambast Rte in the Oireachtas in some sort of high and mighty position is in itself the absolute height of hypocrisy!"

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