Dog stood up by families twice after spending 500 days with the DSPCA 8 months ago

Dog stood up by families twice after spending 500 days with the DSPCA

We need to find Jordan a forever home.

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has revealed that two families have stood-up one of their dogs seeking a forever home.


Arriving as a stray more then 500 days ago, Jordan the border collie was left waiting after dressing up to await his potential suitors.

The animal charity posted an appeal on their social media channels earlier in the week to try and find the dog a family after spending over two years in their custody.


Jordan arrived in DSPCA care in a bad condition but has been gradually nursed back to health over his stay by the team. Originally very shy around people, the dog has been brought out of his shell and now enjoys back scratches and having his hair brushed.

The 12-year-old is, according to the DSPCA website, a 'distinguished older gentleman' looking for a loving family in a quiet home where he can live out his retirement by the fire on a comfy bed.

"While we would love to see him go to a home with another dog, Jordan doesn’t share our enthusiasm on wanting to live with another dog. He likes his space. He is happy until it’s invaded by a dog and then he is stressed and wants out of that environment. Pushing it on him despite the fact that it stresses him out isn’t fair. So for this sweet boy a home without another dog is best for him."


If you can offer the loving home that Jordan deserves to live out his final years, make sure to register your interest and talk to the adoptions team at the shelter.

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