Dublin cyclist says he "could've died" after being pushed into ditch 2 years ago

Dublin cyclist says he "could've died" after being pushed into ditch

The man told Joe Duffy of his experience of being pushed into a ditch while out cycling in the Dublin Mountains.

Joe Duffy received a call on Tuesday's RTE's Liveline from a man referred to as John, who revealed he "could've been killed" after a terrifying experience while out riding his bike earlier in the week.


During the radio show, the host received a video that was taken by the perpetrators on WhatsApp, which showed John being pushed by a man standing in the passenger seat of a car. The perpetrators are believed to be three men, aged in their 20s.

In the short clip, John and his bike can be seen tumbling over as one of the men records the incident from the backseat of the moving vehicle.

Gardai now have the full video and John, who frequents the mountain to cycle, will be pressing charges in spite of feeling "fearful" of his attackers.

Speaking on Liveline on Wednesday, John said: "After seeing the video I was shocked I didn't break my neck, once he pushed me and I ended up on the grass verge, I wasn't coming back from it.


"The bike disconnected from me and I ended up on the road, but I was flat out on the road, I could've been dead, an oncoming car could have run over me, but they didn't care, they just kept going.

"He would have seen my head nosediving into the ground, he would have seen me out on the road, but he didn't care."

The man was approached by two joggers after his fall, who told him that they were also nearly hit by a car that had come around the bend of the mountain moments after the incident occurred.

He continued: "My wife, my daughter, and son have seen this video and the look on their faces, they've said 'Dad, you're not going up there again' - I could have been paralysed or anything."