Enoch Burke sent back to prison after refusing to stay away from school 1 month ago

Enoch Burke sent back to prison after refusing to stay away from school

There were some tense exchanges throughout proceedings.

Enoch Burke will be sent back to Mountjoy Prison after refusing in court to stay away from Wilson's Hospital School, where he was formerly employed.


Burke's ongoing detention at the prison was up for review today, Tuesday, October 3, as the teacher was brought before court. There, he was given a chance to purge his contempt, but subsequently refused to comply with what he described as an "unjust order" to "endorse transgenderism".

He added that his imprisonment was the result of an order that was "manifestly unjust" and he claimed it was an "unconstitutional misuse" of the court.

The teacher has been involved in a long-running dispute with his former employer. It stems from his suspension from the school in August of last year.


This followed a refusal by Burke, an evangelical Christian, to refer to a student by their preferred pronouns.

The judge presiding over the case on Tuesday, Mr Justice Sanfey, said that the court was not concerned with any background disputes between the parties involved and only on whether Burke would agree to stay away from the school.

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Enoch Burke's family members physically removed from court

During proceedings, members of Mr Burke's family were ordered by the judge to be removed by Gardaí for shouting at, criticising and interrupting the court.

Mr Burke's father Sean and sister Ammi were both physically removed from the court after insisting they had the right to be there, while his mother, Martina left on her own accord.

Throughout proceedings, Mr Burke insisted that he had "done nothing wrong" and that the only reason he was in prison is because of his religious beliefs.


Last week, Wilson's Hospital School erected a sign which read "Private property" and "Trespassers will be prosecuted" after Burke was imprisoned earlier this month for having attended the premises nearly every day since the school year began, despite a High Court order.

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