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06th Jul 2023

New report reveals one HSE employee earned almost €1 million in 2022

Rory Fleming


Eight staff members earned over €500,000 in pay last year.

A new report detailing the wage expenditure of the Health Service Executive (HSE) for 2022 has been released.

Figures within the report show that one employee earned just shy of €1 million last year, with a salary of €974,000.

The report also highlights the fact that the HSE’s pay bill soared by €730 million to over €7 billion.

Eight staff members earned between €500,000 and €980,000 in salary last year, with former Chief Executive Paul Reid’s salary also disclosed.

Reid received payment of €399,182 for 11 months of work in 2022, before he ultimately stepped down to be replaced by Bernard Gloster.

The former Chief Executive’s salary was broken down to show that it consisted of €340,000 worth of basic pay, €45,838 worth of allowances and a benefit in kind stipend of €13,795.

Former HSE Chief Executive Paul Reid received almost €400k last year. (Credit: Rolling News)

How the HSE spent €7.16 billion last year:

The Executive’s Chief Financial Officer Stephen Mulvany received over €90,000 for stepping in as acting Chief Executive from October 3rd.

Also highlighted in the accounts is a €185 million euro deficit incurred by the HSE, as the organisation’s overall spend increased by €1.7 billion.

The figures also reveal that there are 4,790 employees within the health body who earn in excess of €100,000. 352 of these staff members earned between €250,000 to €500,000.

Disclosed within the report is also the fact that the HSE received €2 billion worth of funding from the Department of Health to help mitigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

€94.4 million was written off due to the expiry of Covid-19 vaccines that went unused, whilst €146 million was spent on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

The organisation’s pension bill rose to almost €900 million, with the body also paying out €620 million in agencies fees.

The total number of employees within the HSE also increased by 3,719 to over 89,000.

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