Irish Rail warns of fake ticket inspectors on train services 7 months ago

Irish Rail warns of fake ticket inspectors on train services

Four incidents involving the fraudsters have already been reported.

Iarnród Éireann have warned passengers to be extra vigilant on their Northern Commuter and DART line as fake ticket inspectors have been spotted on the service.


According to the rail company, it appears some people are wearing hi-vis vests and "masquerading" as ticket inspectors, with at least four reported incidents confirmed on Friday morning.

Passengers have been urged to check IDs of anyone claiming to be a member of the Revenue Protection Unit on the train line.


"Passengers are advised that there are members of the public wearing non-Irish Rail hi-vis vests and masquerading as members of the Revenue Protection Unit (RPU) onboard the Northern commuter/DART line,” a spokesperson for Irish Rail said.

"Passengers are advised to confirm ID when approached for tickets/being issued with onboard fines.”

If passengers cannot produce a valid ticket when requested to do so by an authorised officer, they may be issued with a Fixed Payment Notice - a fine of €100 plus unpaid fare - which can be paid within a period of 21 days as set out in the Railway Safety Act.

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