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16th Apr 2014

Picture: Missing child found safe and well…inside arcade claw machine

Sure that's the first place they should have checked


Sure that’s the first place they should have checked

A missing child in Lincoln, Nebraska was found safe and well yesterday, after sparking a frantic search from his mother and authorities after he left his home to go for a wander.

The woman alerted the police as soon as she noticed that the three-year-old had slipped out an unlocked door while she was in the bathroom, and a search began immediately. However, the whole story had a happy ending after police were also called to Madsens Bowling and Billards, where customers alerted the owners that a child was stuck inside one of the claw machines.

Somehow he managed to climb up inside the machine to get his hands on the prize that he was looking for, but he was unharmed in the process, and the vending machine company was able to free him afterwards.

Of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and luckily, we have exclusive footage of a previous incident, so you have an idea of how it all went down.

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