UCD students to vote on impeachment of students’ union president later this month 3 years ago

UCD students to vote on impeachment of students’ union president later this month

Students at University College Dublin will have the opportunity to vote at a referendum on the impeachment of Student Union President Katie Ascough later this month.

In a statement on the UCD Students’ Union Facebook page on Tuesday evening, Ascough confirmed that a petition calling for her impeachment had been received by the Returning Officer and that a referendum would take place on Wednesday, October 25 and Thursday, October 26.


According to the University Observer, the petition calling for the impeachment of Ascough, instigated by the Impeach UCDSU President group, had returned 1,200 signatures and was handed in on Monday evening.

The petition was circulated after Ascough’s decision to remove information on abortion from the Winging It magazine, which is distributed to new students in UCD.

The information removed from the magazine included details on obtaining information safely, how to purchase abortion pills online and price lists for abortion clinics outside of Ireland.

If Ascough is to be impeached, at least 10% of registered union members must vote (approximately 2,000-3,000 students) and the majority must be in favour of the motion for an impeachment to take place.

In a statement on the UCD Students’ Union Facebook page, Ascough said: “As President of UCD Students’ Union, I wish to confirm that our Returning Officer has received a petition and a referendum has been called on the impeachment of my position.

“While this process is ongoing, it is important that it does not impact the day-to-day work of the Union, and that we continue to support and represent students.

“I will now take annual leave until the referendum concludes. We ask that you continue to support UCDSU and Barry Murphy, Deputy President and Campaigns and Communication Officer, from now until the referendum result is announced.”


UCDSU Sabbatical Officers and I ask that in the run-up to and including the referendum (October 25th-26th) that you continue to support the work of the Union. Please allow the campaign for impeachment and indeed my own campaign against impeachment to remain outside of SU business.

I look forward to answering any queries during my campaign.

Katie Ascough, UCDSU President &

Barry Murphy, Deputy President