US technology firm to create over 100 jobs in Cork 3 years ago

US technology firm to create over 100 jobs in Cork

Great news for the people of The Rebel County.

NGINX, a San Francisco based technology company, is establishing new headquarters in Ireland next month.


IDA Ireland announced on Monday morning that the company will be employing people in positions including sales, marketing, finance, business development, engineering and research and development.

The company is a web and application server that helps other companies to deliver websites and online applications securely.

Commenting on the news, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “Many of the world’s leading technology firms are expanding their presence in Ireland because of the availability of highly skilled talent, the quality of life, and its strong relationships across Europe – and NGINX is no exception.

“We welcome NGINX for both the job and economic advancement it will bring to Ireland."

NGINX CEO Gus Robertson said: “With consumer expectations at an all-time high, organisations of all sizes are turning to NGINX to deliver their applications and websites with performance, reliability, security, and scale across cloud and hybrid environments.

“By launching our EMEA headquarters in Cork we’ll be able to better serve our customers throughout the region, empowering them to deliver the best possible web experience to their end users.”

“Beyond this geographical fit, Cork is strongly aligned in culture and attitude with the values carried over from our global headquarters in San Francisco, and we look forward to bringing in the best and brightest talent in the area.”