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27th Nov 2013

You’ve goat to be kidding! Jamaican farmer pledges to fit goats with anti-theft alarms

Someone must have really gotten on his goat...

Eoghan Doherty

According to a story in this week’s Jamaica Observer (what do you mean you don’t have a subscription?), Jamaican farmer Christopher Clarke has vowed to fit his herd of goats with some form of anti-theft device in a bid to stop his precious livestock from being stolen.

He hasn’t, however, revealed what this new anti-theft device looks like in the fear that the criminals will hear about it and try to beat the system. They do have have a subscription to the Jamaica Observer you see.

In just one week, 18 Jamaican goats have been stolen from several farms in and around the St. Catherine area, while the latest attack on the local farms took place last Friday. When asked about this recent spate of caprine capers, a non-smiling Clarke commented “To the way me desperate right now, me really looking at the idea to install alarm on some of me goats on me farm.”

We couldn’t have put it better oursleves.

Here at JOE we highly recommend that Clarke gets a Nanny to look after the flock or, if he can, he should get his hands on this particular Brazilian goat below, renowned for his angry and confrontational manner, earning him the apt title of Bully Goat Gruff.

You don’t have to watch the video but a foreign lady-friend of ours did and she really loved it.


No, she wanted to watch it herself. HA!

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