JOE's post-workout tips: Active Recovery 10 years ago

JOE's post-workout tips: Active Recovery

Research shows that sitting back and taking it easy after a heavy session might not be the best way to recover

Increasingly, research is showing that getting some form of active recovery in will both decrease the amount of lactic acid on the muscles as well as actively helping you to perform better when you next return to exercise than passive recovery where you do nothing at all.


This means that not only can you do this type of recovery after a paricularly heavy session, but you can do this type of low-intensity active recovery in between sets. Studies have shown that this can actually help yo increase performance on your next set, but the key is to keep it very light.

Hop on the bike in the gym for 60-90 seconds in between a weight set, but stay at a low pace, around 30% or what you would consider your maximum speed. If you're making this your main exercise after a heavy session, you can spend longer, but don't increase this pace, keep it light, and there's no need to exceed ten minutes.

Use lighter weights
Performing an exercise that left you particularly sore with light weights can help the muscles to recover more quickly. One thing you could try is replicating the exercise at below 30% of your maximum lift, which should be enough to make you really feel it, but not enough that you're drawing on real power to perform the exercise. Again, if this is your main exercise after a heavy session, go for three sets of ten. Train smart.

A quck 60-90 seconds on the rower in between sets is a great form of active recovery, but again, make sure that the form is correct (drive through your heels, make sure your shoulders are wide and back , and that you don't put excess stress on your lower back leaning forward), the pace is controlled, and remember that this is not a sprint, rather a way to get your heart rate and breathing under control again without stopping dead.


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