Summer workout: Get washboard abs in time for the summer 10 years ago

Summer workout: Get washboard abs in time for the summer

In the first of a new series, JOE looks at how to get in shape through the summer, starting with hitting the abs in time for the holidays.


Anthony Lynch of Raw Condition Gym in Dublin walks us through a series of workouts designed to work the whole ab complex, and get that 8-pack ready for the beach, because a 6-pack is never enough.

The workout starts off with sit ups on a Swiss Ball off a lat pulldown machine, going for three sets of 20.

From there, move on to a V-raise with a weight, if you can, but feel free to start without it if you feel you're not up to the task yet. Again, aim for three sets of 20. At the end, throw in a few pulses at the top of the V-position to really feel the burn.

Next, the roll back is a position that is somewhat borrowed from Pilates, and is great for hitting the obliques. Keep the numbers even on this set so that you're hitting both the left and right sides equally, aiming for three sets of between 10-14 reps.


The cable crunch is a popular exercise on the cable machine, but is often done incorrectly. Here, Anthony walks you through the key points of form, most importantly that you don't roll back on to your heels, but rather curl up into a ball and the weight on the stack should be heavy enough to keep you held when leaning forward. Aim for three sets of 10, and remember that form is key.

Finally, the hanging leg raises will finish off the set, and make sure you've gotten a solid shift in. Make sure to get your legs above your hips here, and aim for three sets of 10-15 reps.

A huge thanks to Anthony and the crew at Raw Condition Gym in Dublin, and give them a follow on Twitter too for more top fitness tips, and don't forget to stay tuned to JOE for the next in the series.