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12th Jan 2024

Sony reveal their new car that can be driven by a PS5 controller

Nina McLaughlin

sony car

All those years playing Simpsons Hit and Run are about to pay off.

Sony has revealed that their new car will be able to be driven with a PS5 controller. The company have unveiled the new prototype of their Aleefa EV which is set to launch in 2026.

Izumi Kawanishi, the president of Sony Honda Mobility, left attendees of Vegas’ Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in shock as he brought a PS5 controller out of his back pocket.

“Using this controller, I’d like to show you an aspect of the self-driving vehicle,” he said.

Kawanishi then demonstrated their new tech, as with a push of the joystick, the car moved towards him, despite the no one even being in the vehicle and the steering wheel staying still.

He added that they designed the car intending to “redefine the relationship between people and mobility”.

As exciting as all this sounds, however, we regular folk aren’t going to be able to drive using a PS5 controller anytime soon.

Kawanishi made sure to point out that the controller was just being used for the showcase, and that normal drivers won’t be expected to whip out the controller while on the road.

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