Fanta Lemon fans rejoice, it's here to stay in Ireland 5 years ago

Fanta Lemon fans rejoice, it's here to stay in Ireland

God bless this beautiful country.

Thursday night was a dark day in Irish history. After it was tweeted by the official Fanta account that Fanta Lemon had been discontinued (the tweet has since been deleted), we were led to believe that we'd no longer be able to get our hands on the popular beverage.


People were unhappy, to say the least.

But all hope is not lost.

It turns out that Ireland is keeping Fanta Lemon, and that it's all the way over in America that it's being discontinued.

What a relief. Yet another reason we're lucky to be Irish.


Fanta issued a statement ensuring that the drink is here to stay, which is great because with this weather, it's really needed.

“Fanta would like to reassure our loyal drinkers in Ireland that there are no plans to discontinue Fanta Lemon," the statement read.

"In fact, quite the opposite. Fanta has just launched a new and exciting flavour, Fanta Pink Grapefruit Zero, as the latest member of our Fanta family. We know that Irish drinkers love Fanta Lemon and is the perfect drink to cool you down during this great Irish summer that we are lucky to be enjoying.”

We can consider ourselves very lucky. Who knows, maybe the fact that we still have Fanta lemon will end up being a huge source of tourism in Ireland?


The news has brightened up our Friday anyway, and we know exactly how we're going to celebrate.