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09th Mar 2021

Here are the best movies on TV on Tuesday

Stephen Porzio

Movies on TV Tuesday 25 September

There are some good flicks worth checking out tonight.

Met Eireann say it will be a wet and windy Tuesday night, so why not settle in on the couch and watch one of these movies this evening?

Legend – Film 4 – 7.10pm

A fresh-faced Tom Cruise stars in this epic dark fantasy adventure from director Ridley Scott. Boasting a turn from Tim Curry playing a baddie literally called the Lord of Darkness, the film is considered a cult classic.

Taken 2 – ITV 4 – 9pm

A major step down in quality from the first film. Still, there’s fun to be had seeing Liam Neeson do his thing.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Film 4 – 9pm

The second (and maybe best entry) in the surprisingly good Planet of the Apes prequel trilogy. If you like apes riding horses holding guns, this is for you.

The Tall Man – Horror Channel – 9pm

Jessica Biel stars in this creepy tale of children going missing with a lot of twists.

Under Siege – Turner Classic Movies – 9pm

An ex-Navy SEAL turned ship cook must stop a group of mercenaries while out at sea. Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Busey and our own Colm Meaney as fun villains make this definitely Steven Seagal’s best movie.

Firefox – ITV 4 – 10.55pm

Clint Eastwood stars in and directs this fun if long action thriller about a pilot sent into the Soviet Union on a mission to steal a prototype jet fighter.

The Woman in Black – Horror Channel – 11.05pm

A deliciously spooky tale with gorgeous cinematography, it’s also notable for being the first Daniel Radcliffe starring movie after Harry Potter ended.