Bryan Cranston defends decision to play a disabled character in his latest movie 2 years ago

Bryan Cranston defends decision to play a disabled character in his latest movie

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Cranston plays a man with quadriplegia in his latest film The Upside.

Bryan Cranston has recently come in for some criticism for taking a role as a disabled character in the upcoming movie The Upside.


The Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle star has since defended his the choice to take the role, describing it as a "business decision".

In an interview with Yahoo UK, Cranston questioned where the line would be drawn if actors were not allowed to play people dissimilar to their real lives.

He was also quick to admit that there was a lack of opportunities for disabled actors in Hollywood, saying: “The real business dynamic of that is the choice of the studios to try to see if they can make an investment into a film that could bring a return, so that wasn’t part of my decision making.

"But I think it points out the lack of diversity in disabled actors and the lack of opportunity in order to be even considered to play the lead role in a film like this.

"Are there any actors who have reached any kind of star status to be able to be considered? I think by not coming up with an answer to that is the answer to that. There is a dearth of opportunity for actors with a disability."

Cranston starred alongside actor RJ Mitte in Breaking Bad, who has cerebral palsy, as did his character in the series.

The Upside, starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart will be released to Irish cinemas on 11 January.


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