QUIZ: From the Vaults – How well do you know these classic TV shows? 4 months ago

QUIZ: From the Vaults – How well do you know these classic TV shows?

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So many memories.

Having to spend so much time indoors in an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19 means that many of us are re-watching beloved old TV shows to while away hours at a time.

Sure, you may have seen the episodes dozens of times before, but at a time when it’s important to appreciate the things that help you raise a smile, it rarely does any harm to dip back into the memory vault.

Speaking of vaults, Vaults is one of a number of cool features available to Revolut users, allowing you to round up your spare change to put money aside for the things that make you smile.

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Every time you make a purchase with your Revolut card, if you choose to activate the Vault feature, the transaction will automatically round up your transaction to the nearest whole number and place the difference into a vault.

If you want to build up what’s in the vault quicker, you can set up a recurring weekly or monthly payment. You can even get friends and family involved in Group Vaults with just a few taps in the Revolut app.

Revolut Vaults offers a novel way to save up for something nice with money that you might not otherwise known you had. How about a nice holiday when the world has finally returned to normal, for example?

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Now, back to those classic TV shows.

Get over 12 correct answers here and you’ve obviously been watching as many old shows as have in recent weeks.

Good luck!

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