New Netflix true crime documentary explores string of unsolved killings 1 week ago

New Netflix true crime documentary explores string of unsolved killings

This should make for a gripping watch.

Later this month, Netflix will release a new true crime documentary exploring a number of unsolved murders.


Titled The Texas Killing Fields, the documentary is the third entry in the streaming service's anthology show Crime Scene which explores how certain locations aid and abet criminal activity.

With its new season, the anthology turns its attention to the Texas Killing Fields, a region with a dark pattern of girls who have disappeared and turned up dead.

"Amidst the marshes and oil refineries alongside the interstate corridor connecting Houston and the beach town of Galveston, lies Calder Road - the patch of land that earned its name after the bodies of three young women were discovered there in the 1980s and a fourth in 1991," the Netflix plot synopsis.

"Their murders remain unsolved, but one grieving father refuses to give up on the hunt for his daughter’s killer, while the search and recovery organisation he founded supports other local families facing similar tragedies.


"His determined pursuit of justice for the victims drives the series as it delves into five decades of the area’s unsettling history, uncovering a pattern of eerie connections and missed opportunities surrounding the Calder Road cold cases that may, at long last, lead investigators to the truth."

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields is directed by Jessica Dimmock (Flint Town, Unsolved Mysteries) and is executive produced by Joe Berlinger (Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes).

Comprising of three episodes, it will premiere on Netflix on 29 November and you can watch its trailer below.

Clip and featured imagery via Netflix