Derry Girls writer would 'love to' turn the wonderful comedy into a film 9 months ago

Derry Girls writer would 'love to' turn the wonderful comedy into a film

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This would be cracker.

With Derry Girls set to return on pancake Tuesday, fans of Lisa McGee's wonderful show are probably as giddy as a child that's on a sugar rush - or, you know, as energetic as Clare after she devoured all those energy drinks.

As stated previously, the initial reactions for the first two episodes have been excellent with some fans saying that the new season boasts the best episode of the show.

Season 1 was became a cultural phenomenon that won countless awards and shattered records, but the real icing on the cream horn came when the show went international on Netflix.

Simply put, Derry Girls is now an international hit that has serious momentum behind it and in terms of maximising the show's potential, there's nobody better than Channel 4.

After all, the broadcaster brought The Inbetweeners to the big screen - twice - while FilmFour also have experience with a plethora of other titles, that is if Derry Girls goes down that particular route.

In a previous interview, Tommy Tiernan hinted that a Derry Girls film was on the way when he said "We finished filming the second series last Friday. That will go out in March and we're doing Season 3 and a film, maybe. That's all up to Lisa (McGee) the writer, going off to a shed in London and coming up with all these stories. She's a genius, the amount of stories she's able to fit into each episode. It's fantastic".

Well, during a recent Q&A in Derry to promote the new season of the show, McGee said that she'd love to take a crack at brining Erin, Clare, Orla, Michelle, James, Sister Michael, and the rest of Foyleside's most famous TV characters to the big screen.

"I would love to... I think. The 90-minute thing sort of terrifies me, but I'm sure if I could find a structure and a story that worked, yeah, I'd love to give it a crack," said McGee.

Later in that Q&A, JOE's own Eoghan Doherty asked McGee if she knew any more about the rumoured film.

Here's what the talented writer had to say: "We have to see how this series goes down first.  If people like it then I'd love to make another series and then maybe after that, if that (a film) was an option, we'd think about it. Right now, it's definitely just a step by step process and we'll see. There's definitely a lot more story for them. I think there's a lot more for them to get up to."

As for Season 2 of Derry Girls, it's back on 5 March on Channel 4.

Wise up and watch it.

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