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07th Mar 2019

WATCH: This young woman on First Dates had an absolute nightmare with one of her answers

Rudi Kinsella

First Dates Ireland

A contender for one of the worst answers in the show’s history? We reckon so.

First dates can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times.

Both of you are probably on edge, and doing your best not to make a show of yourself.

But sometimes you try so hard, that you end up doing the exact thing that you don’t want to.

Now imagine your date is going on national television, and you’re asking for trouble.

And unfortunately for this young woman on First Dates Ireland this week, she’s had a bit of a mare.

When asked by her date what her favourite county was to go to, she very confidently replied: “Carlingford”, and carried on eating her meal.

She was quickly, and politely, corrected by her date, but she wasn’t having it.

She did come around to the possibility that she may be wrong in the end though, saying: “I’m going to look stupid if this is wrong.”

Take a look:

Ah well, this type of awkward banter can often prove to be the perfect ice breaker during a first date.

Maybe she knew that, and is actually being very tactical about the whole thing. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt…