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29th Mar 2019

WATCH: Danny DeVito reveals his 3 most depraved moments from It’s Always Sunny

Rudi Kinsella

Frank Reynolds

There’s some stiff competition here…

Frank Reynolds is an awful man… a truly awful, awful man. Really, one of the worst men in the history of television.

Some of the stuff that the creators of the show have asked Danny DeVito to do makes it genuinely confusing as to why he hasn’t packed up his bags and left already.

But he is a vital part of one of the funniest TV shows of all time, and to be honest, the show only really picked up when DeVito joined the cast.

The man must have no shame, and we love him for it.

But he has three favourite moments that really sums up just how disgusting a character Frank Reynolds is.

  • When he got naked and climbed out of the couch.
  • When he “wanted to be pure”.
  • And the now iconic Thrash Man

Hard to disagree with any of them. And don’t worry, Rum Ham got an honourable mention too.

Take a look at this interview that JOE conducted with DeVito here:

And in case that’s still not enough for you, let’s take a look at 11 other moments that Frank Reynolds was the most deplorable man on television.