The Biggest & Hardest MCU Quiz You'll Ever Take 2 months ago

The Biggest & Hardest MCU Quiz You'll Ever Take

To celebrate The Avengers movie arriving in cinemas 10 years ago!

Released in cinemas here on 26 April 2012, The Avengers did essentially change movies as we know it.


Showing the pay-off to years of planning, it seemed a massive risk and even bigger challenge to get it all of these characters - six of them, how quaint - in one movie.

Of course, we know it all worked out, becoming the first Marvel movie to crack a billion at the box office, and kicking open the doors for all sorts of characters, crossovers and team-ups.

To celebrate the anniversary, we've put together this very big and very hard (get your mind out of the gutter) quiz that encompasses all of the MCU to date, including the Disney+ shows, so we hope you're done your homework!

You'll need to be as clever as Tony Stark, cos we've been as sneaky as Loki with some of these questions...