OFFICIAL: Here are the 10 most popular episodes of The Inbetweeners 2 years ago

OFFICIAL: Here are the 10 most popular episodes of The Inbetweeners

Do you and your 'fwends' agree?

Much like Father Ted, Extras and the UK Office, one of the main reasons why The Inbetweeners is still so beloved was because Iain Morris and Damon Beesley knew exactly when to stop the show at the right moment.  Think about it. These shows rarely had a bad episode and their legacy remains intact because the overall quality will never be diminished.


On that note, it's practically impossible to choose the best episode of The Inbetweeners because you're guaranteed to laugh at every single one.

10 years ago this week, Neil, Simon, Jay and Will were introduced to the world and we've all been laughing ever since. Hell, terms like 'bumder', 'bus wanker' and 'fwend' are still regularly used on a daily basis.

With the news that All4 will be streaming every single episode and the two films, fans of The Inbetweeners will be happier than Jay during an orgy at the caravan club.

Hell, it's even an impossible task picking Jay's best lies - after all, he did take a pedalo to Africa, have trials with West Ham and as for Championship Manager? Completed it mate.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the show, Channel 4 have released some viewing figures for The Inbetweeners and here are the most viewed episodes along with the highest rated ones - according to IMDB.

Top 10 most viewed episodes

  1. First Day (S1, ep 1)
  2. Field Trip (S2, ep 1)
  3. Home Alone (S3, ep 5)
  4. Bunk Off (S1, ep2)
  5. Thorpe Park (S1, Ep 3)
  6. Caravan Club (S1, ep 5)
  7. Will Gets a Girlfriend (S1, ep 4)
  8. The Gig and the Girlfriend (S3, ep 2)
  9. The Camping Trip (S3, ep 6)
  10. Will’s Birthday (S2, ep 3)

Here's what people have voted for in terms of the best Inbetweeners episodes of all time.

Yep, it's a four-way tie at the very top but from those great episodes, we're going to go with The Field Trip as the best one. After all, where else have you seen a man punch a fish to death with his bare hands?

What do you think? Happy with the overall top 10 or is your favourite episode not in contention?

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