ITV is looking for applicants for this summer's Love Island 1 year ago

ITV is looking for applicants for this summer's Love Island

Know anyone that fits the bill?

Winter Love Island has finished and now thoughts turn to the summer edition in 2020.


Applications are now being accepted for the summer version on the show so if you think you could be the next Greg O'Shea or Maura Higgins, then this could be your opportunity.

If you're interested in taking part on the hit ITV2 show, all you have to do is register and fill in an application form – as long as you meet the eligibility requirements.

There are a few things to note, so pay attention.

You must be aged at least 18 years of age or over due to the nature of the programme.

You are not:

  1. currently employed by ITV, Motion or the Broadcaster and have not been previously employed by ITV, any of the ITV group of companies, Motion or the Broadcaster; or
  2. a live-in partner or immediate relative (for example, mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister) of an employee of ITV, Motion, the Broadcaster or any of the ITV group of companies.

You must hold a passport which will be valid for the whole period of filming of the programme and at least six months thereafter, and be eligible to travel to the programme destinations that ITV specify. You also agree to notify ITV immediately of any change to your passport or travel status.


You must be exclusively available to participate in the programme for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks for production of the series.

If that all sounds good to you, head to this link and tell ITV all about yourself, including your background and your dating preferences.