They're making a cartoon show about Manchester City for some reason 3 years ago

They're making a cartoon show about Manchester City for some reason

Hey, why not?

Manchester City Football Club will join the likes of The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park et al by having an animated series dedicated to its respective adventures.


Having entered a couple of cartoonish performances so far this season, perhaps the move makes sense.

Variety reports that the planned series will focus on the young rising stars of Manchester City - totally fictional in this case - as Sky Blue Academy comes into focus.

As the title suggests, the show will be set inside the City training academy, presenting a "diverse group of boys and girls" that live and play within the no-doubt state-of-the-art complex.

Sky Blue Academy is a particularly international production, with Singapore-based August Media Holdings, Filipino media outlet Synergy88 Entertainment, and Spanish creative agency Minoria Absoluta all involved.


“We are creating a show where football stitches these friends together. It’s about relationships, how you play as a team, and the fun they have living together," August Media's Jyotirmoy Saha told Variety.

With the project still very much in early development and not yet fully green-lit for full series status, not to mention tricky image rights issues, the report notes that current City personnel are not set to feature in the series.

Instead, the focus is on brand new, child-friendly characters presented in a mix of hand-drawn and CGI animation.

If picked up, Sky Blue Academy is likely to arrive in early 2022.