One of Tom Cruise's best performances is among the movies on TV tonight 7 months ago

One of Tom Cruise's best performances is among the movies on TV tonight

It garnered Cruise the first of his four Oscar nominations.

Need a movie to watch tonight? Well, here are the ones airing on TV this evening, starting with:


Scary Movie 3 - Comedy Central - 9pm

Famous horror movies The Ring, Signs and *checks notes* 8 Mile are among the targets of this very funny spoof comedy.

The 6th Day - Legend - 9pm

In this 2000 futuristic sci-fi, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a man who meets an illegal clone of himself and becomes embroiled in a massive conspiracy.


Mission: Impossible 2 - Film4 - 9pm

While its one of the weaker entries in the remarkably high quality Tom Cruise-led action spy franchise, M:I 2 is quite fun in parts and also inspired this great sketch:

The Enforcer - Turner Classic Movies - 9pm


The third in the legendary Dirty Harry series of action thrillers starring Clint Eastwood, who is currently at work on what is expected to be his final movie.

Knuckleball - Horror Xtra - 9pm

This 2018 Canadian horror about a young boy who discovers his family's dark legacy has an 83% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Born on the fourth of july

Tom Cruise and Willem Dafoe in Born on the Fourth of July, our pick for tonight

Out for Justice - Turner Classic Movies - 10.40pm

Steven Seagal plays a cop in this '90s thriller that is... out for justice.

Zulu - AMC UK - 10.55pm

Forest Whitaker and Orlando Bloom star in this South African-set crime thriller.


The Program - BBC Two - 11.15pm

This sports drama based on true events depicts Irish journalist David Walsh (Chris O'Dowd) investigation of famed cyclist Lance Armstrong (Ben Foster) for doping.

Born on the Fourth of July - Film4 - 11.25pm

Last but not least is our pick for tonight which is also based on true events. It tells the story of Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise, earning his first Oscar nomination for the role), a young patriotic American who enlists to serve in the Vietnam War where he becomes permanently paralysed in battle.

Struggling with his paralysis and an uncaring, bureaucratic United States upon returning home, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights political activist.

Born on the Fourth of July's powerful real life story and visceral direction by Oliver Stone (Platoon), as well as Cruise's intense and transformational performance, led to it being nominated for eight Oscars - with Stone winning the Best Director trophy.

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