Netflix adding the greatest superhero show ever made 3 weeks ago

Netflix adding the greatest superhero show ever made

We're already planning ahead for this binge session.

First airing in September 1992, just a few months after Batman Returns arrived in cinemas, Batman: The Animated Series landed on TVs and immediately blew audiences away.


Taking a much more mature approach to superhero shows, the series was absolutely gorgeously hand-drawn, while the massively impressive voice work (including the legendary Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker) was paired with some seriously brilliant characters and plots.

Batman: The Animated Series is also a landmark moment for the history of the Dark Knight himself. The show is actually the origin of Harley Quinn, who has since gone on to become one of the most beloved characters within the Batman universe, while also giving new life to lesser-characters at the time, including Mr. Freeze, Clayface and the Clock King.

And that is all before we even get to mention that INCREDIBLE opening credits music provided by Danny Elfman, which is still iconic to this day...


Batman: The Animated Series is still considered one of the best animated shows ever made

While we've had some great superhero series over the years - including other brilliant animated shows like X-Men: The Animated Series and Invincible, to live action classics like WandaVision and The Boys - it is not unfair to claim that this version of Batman is still the best superhero show ever made.

In the years since its release, the show has only managed to gather even more acclaim, including IGN naming it the second best animated series of all time (only after The Simpsons), the TV Guide ranking it the seventh best animated show ever made, and the Emmys awarding the show for Outstanding Animated Program.


Batman: The Animated Series will be added to Netflix customers in Ireland and the UK on Tuesday 26 September. Time to mark your Bat-calendars!

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