Fancy doing a bit of paid acting work with a group of your mates? 6 months ago

Fancy doing a bit of paid acting work with a group of your mates?

This is it lads, your time to shine on the silver screen with your own TV advert.

Most of us have at least at one point dreamed of being a star. We're not promising that you'll be selling out stadiums across the world or anything, but starring in a TV ad certainly isn't a bad start.

If it's enough of an excuse to get the family over to bask in your accomplishment, it's enough for us.

Louise Kiely Casting is currently looking for a group of down-to-earth mates (acting experience not necessary) to star in their next advert. It'll involve filming along the west coast of Ireland, as well as in the city of Dublin.

Whoever is chosen for the gig will receive a considerable fee for their time, as well as enjoy more than a fair bit of craic along the way. Once all of you are between the ages of 25 and 29 (all members must be 25 before Sunday, 1 September), you're halfway there.

The dates you'll have to keep free are:

  • 28–29 August: wardrobe fitting in Dublin
  • 2–7 September: travel out west, shoot in the West of Ireland and travel back
  • 9–10 September: — shoot in Dublin

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, drop an email to before Thursday, 1 August. Just be sure to add "GROUP" and where you're from in the subject line, and include the following info:

1. Admin details for each person in your group

This means full names, each person's date of birth, age, address, email, mobile number and an image of your entire group. (If anyone in your group has an agent, please state this in your email also.)

2. The story of your friendship

You should state in your email when, where and how you all met, and write a little bit about each personality of the group. (The more effort you put in here, the greater your chances of  reaching round two and maybe even nabbing your chance at stardom!)