Succession reveals more subtle hints towards the actual successor 4 months ago

Succession reveals more subtle hints towards the actual successor

The time is nearing for the ultimate successor.

Living+, the sixth episode of Succession's final season saw the Roys travel to Hollywood to launch a new arm of WayStar's multi-limbed operation. While Mattson's offer is still on the table, there's nerves around the potential takeover, with Roman and Kendall convinced they can run the company themselves, leaving Shiv once again in the dark about the final decision.


While Shiv is tactically working her connections in Tom and Lukas from the sidelines, Kendall takes the spotlight in this episode, pulling off a gloriously incident-free speech in front of the many WayStar shareholders.

However, it's the youngest Roy sibling that has the most interesting story this week, and Roman's continuing journey though grief could be an indicator of how he eventually wins the ultimate prize.

Why Roman could be the true successor

Since his father died, Roman has started to oddly morph into Logan in a rather accelerated way, which leads us to believe that the only way to run the company is to become a new version of the late CEO.


Starting off right before his death, Logan brought Roman into his inner circle, knowing full well his youngest was the easiest to manipulate. In this happening, Roman received the warmth he had never got from his childhood. Upon Logan uttering "I need you" to Roman, a new path was formed, which he seems to be currently sprinting down.

In the episode 5, when the Roys go to Norway to meet Mattson, Roman has a breakdown on top of a mountain after the Swedish tech billionaire insults his father. His outburst showed that he wasn't going to stand for Lukas' bullying and ultimately led to the GoJo head to offer a higher-than-anticipated bid to WayStar. That vitriol-fueled snap was a pure Logan power-play, whether he meant it to be or not.


In a much more obvious nod to the late patriarch, Roman is also seen wearing a similar cardigan to that of his father's, which is a very on-the-nose way of showing his transformation.

This week, Roman went one further and his firing of Joy and, more importantly, Gerri, in addition to being backed-up by Kendall, shows that he has grown into a ruthless bastard just like his father.

In fact, just a few episodes previously, Roman was extremely rattled about Logan making him fire Gerri. But this week he initiated it all by himself, seemingly surprised at his own power in the moment.

Roman Roy Succession


While it still remains unclear about who, if anyone, will win out at the end of the season, Roman is showing signs of becoming the new Logan. Going back to the start of the show, it is probably the most unlikely of character arcs, but it also makes a lot of sense.

Roman's clearly in a dark place right now, but it could just help him jump to the top of WayStar once and for all. While Shiv and Kendall remain strong candidates, Roman has nothing to lose. We'll soon find out if he's the new Logan or, in Gerri's words, just "a weak monarch in a dangerous interregnum."

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