Talladega Nights is definitely Will Ferrell's best movie - here's why 3 years ago

Talladega Nights is definitely Will Ferrell's best movie - here's why

"Here's the deal, I'm the best there is, plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence" - Ricky Bobby.

Will Ferrell is as good as a comedic actor can be. His movies are absolutely hilarious, and he is a large reason why. His performances in Anchorman and Step Brothers delivered enough iconic lines to fill lads' Tinder bios for years now, and rightly so.


However - and it's a big call - as brilliant as those movies are, they don't compare to The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Shake n' bake.

First of all, let's look at Bobby's talent. He was a champion race-car driver, and originally quite a modest man. In his first interview, he nervously stuttered "I'm not sure what to do with my hands", but before long he was a natural. Just take a look at him and his partner's Public Service Announcements...

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How about one of the most intense rivalries in sports history? The one between our hero Ricky Bobby, and the classy Frenchman - Jean Girard. He is responsible for one of the best comebacks of all time: "Oui? No, "we" are not French. We are American."


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It is important to remember that Ricky Bobby did not get to where he is on his own. He is a man of God. And he is very quick to show praise to the tiny, baby, infant Jesus, who has always helped him along the way. This is how Grace should be said, always.


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But he's more than just a race-car driver. He is a loving husband, and an excellent father. His sons Walker and Texas Ranger (or TR, as they call him) are just young versions of Ricky himself, and represent everything that we love about him. Trash-talk must be hereditary.


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How could we forget the most important relationship throughout the entirety of the film? The bromance between Ricky and Cal Naughton JR. is one for the ages. Even though they went through some tough times, we knew that they would end up best friends again. For the rest of time, Magic Man and El Diablo (which is apparently Spanish for a fighting chicken), will be together forever.

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If you haven't seen this classic movie yet, then you'd better watch it soon. And if you have, then you should definitely see it again.


Or Walker and TR are gonna come at you like a spider-monkey.