The 'Rock the Boat' scene in Derry Girls was far too real for Irish fans 1 year ago

The 'Rock the Boat' scene in Derry Girls was far too real for Irish fans

"It's a rough routine, you know that going in. You sit down on the floor at your own risk"

Despite the fact that Aunt Sarah showed up at a wedding in a white frilly dress that was exactly like the bride, the first wedding in Derry Girls was a resounding success.

You know, aside from the small matter of Uncle Colm boring the arse out of everyone thanks to his story about gallstones, the furore over Ma Mary's hat, Michelle trying to buy weed from Macca - you know Macca..Big Macca...everyone knows Macca?!?!? - and Aunt Bridie being an absolute wagon.

As Granda Joe said: "Sure, a bullet couldn't take her out" but after stating that neither Ma Mary our Aunt Sarah got their mothers looks, we knew that all bets were off.

Oh yeah, there was also the small matter of Mary saying to Bridie "Drop dead you spiteful old hag"...and she did.

After Michelle does her very best to convince the gang to try some weed - remember kids, drugs are for mugs - the tone switches immediately after the tune for 'Rock the Boat' comes on.

To quote Michelle "happy fucking days!" and like so much of Derry Girls, that scene really did strike a nerve with Irish people.

Aside from Clare warning Michelle that people who use drugs can lose their kneecaps in Northern Ireland,

Eamonn may have been waiting all night for this song, but it appears that the Irish public were waiting to see the wedding classic on the small screen.

When JOE caught up with Nicola Coughlan and Dylan Llewellyn before Season 2 aired, they confirmed that the cast actually needed dance lessons to perfect that scene and that one person was 'slightly' reluctant to do another dance scene.

"There’s nothing that Saoirse hates more than dance lessons. We had them for Season 1 in the Whigfield - Saturday Night scene but she powered through again!" joked Coughlan.

Well, it's far to say that Derry Girls has added another memorable dance scene to its library. Plenty of people agree.