This theory about Jordan Peele's Us changes the way you'll look at the entire movie 4 years ago

This theory about Jordan Peele's Us changes the way you'll look at the entire movie

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Mind = blown.

Jordan Peele's Us, the much-anticipated follow-up to Get Out, has taken very little time to make a very big mark.


The horror movie made a total of $86.95 million around the world in its opening weekend, and viewers have been seriously impressed (and frightened) by the film as a whole.

But one aspect of Us could change the way you look at the film entirely.

We'd advise you to look away now if you haven't seen it yet, by the way. There are some detailed spoilers ahead.



So assuming you have seen the movie, you'll know that each of the main characters have a "tethered" version of themselves.

An exact copy of them who lives underground, in a world that is void of any light, communication, proper food, or any quality of life at all.

The tethered versions live this terrible life in constant jealousy of their above-ground counterparts, driven crazy with envy, which ultimately leads to them rising up in a fit of rage.

And as we know, there was a mix-up between the main character, Adelaide, and the woman we thought we knew all along, was actually the tethered version from underground.


But she might not be the only person in the family who has been switched up.

The son in the Wilson family, Jason, shows an awful lot of signs that would imply that he is also originally a tethered.

First of all, he wears a mask for basically the whole movie, and doesn't really talk all that much. Just like the tethered do. He even has a line while they're on the beach where he says that he's digging in the sand to try and find underground tunnels, which is where the tethered live.

He then wanders off in the exact direction of the tethered, as if he knows where they are from.


Also, he likes playing inside dark, enclosed spaces, again, just like the tethered live.

Out of the entire family, he is the only one who seems to have a good relationship with his tethered counterpart, and almost understands his ways.

And finally, the look he gives his mother in the final scene in the movie is one that the director of the movie definitely wanted us to notice, for one reason or another.

We reckon we're going to have to give this one another watch...


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