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19th Aug 2014

Video: The Mountain from Game of Thrones wins Europe’s Strongest Man competition in spectacular style


Alan Loughnane

The man is an absolute beast…

Anyone who has watched or read Game of Thrones will know that you have many reasons to be afraid of Sandor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane, but now you have one more.

Icelander Hafthor Bjornsson plays The Mountain in the hit TV series and it must be said, Bjornsson is simply massive. When he isn’t breaking the hearts of GoT fans (possible spoiler if you are not up to date with the TV series), he is competing and winning in Europe’s Strongest Man events.

It seems only fitting that the 6’9” giant has the name of Norse god ‘Thor’ at the end of his first name.

To add to how intimidating, but also cool, Bjornsson is, he earned himself the nickname ‘King of Stones’ at the competition after lifting all six of the extraordinarily heavy stones in one event; the only competitor to do so.

Bjornsson also got a little excited after conquering the event, ripping off his t-shirt and declaring in an interview that he is the “future of strength”. Skip to 2:00 on the video to watch the awesome action…

In case you missed what he said in his interview, there is a transcript below…

Reporter: “So you’re King of the Stones and you proved why today, completing all six stones… the only person to do that. Tell us how different that challenge is to conventional, classic [lifting].”

Bjornsson: “It’s all…um…all strength…I am the future…OF STRENGTH! AND THE KING OF STONES!”

Can you get any more bad-ass than this guy? We have our doubts but one thing JOE knows for sure, we want to see more of Bjornsson on our screens in the future.

Video via LeeJayUK and hat tip the Bleacher Report.

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