WATCH: Game of Thrones built the whole set of King's Landing in Belfast for this season 3 years ago

WATCH: Game of Thrones built the whole set of King's Landing in Belfast for this season

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A serious amount of work went into it.


Just a quick warning that there will be spoilers below if you haven't seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

We're now just a few short days away from the conclusion of Game of Thrones and what is the end of one of the most highly anticipated finales of all time.

It's spanned the guts of a decade and produced characters we've grown to love and despise, with plenty in the latter category; we're looking at you Ramsay and Cersei.

GoT has always had a keen Irish interest, which is aided by the fact that large tracts of the show, especially in later seasons, are filmed in Northern Ireland. Mostly, these scenes were ones set in the north of Westeros, with the King's Landing scenes usually filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


But in the latest season, King's Landing was moved entirely from Croatia and all the scenes were filmed in Belfast.

If you've seen episode five of the series, you'll know that King's Landing is basically obliterated in dragon fire when Daenerys flips and starts taking her rage out on the innocent people within the city.

But HBO obviously couldn't go destroying Dubrovnik during filming, which meant a new King's Landing had to be constructed in order for it to be destroyed in the episode.

This King's Landing was built entirely in a lot in Belfast as you can see in the quick snapshot below.


If you want to see the full story of the episode, you can watch the entire 30 minute plus video below.

Clip via GameofThrones