WATCH: If you thought Deadpool was a naughty superhero, then you need to check out The Boys 3 months ago

WATCH: If you thought Deadpool was a naughty superhero, then you need to check out The Boys

Sex. Violence. And then some more sex. And some more violence.

Now that superhero movies have become popular and commonplace, it has allowed movies and TV to get more creative with the types of superhero stories they're telling.

Already we've had the more adult-aimed likes of Logan, Deadpool, Watchmen, and Blade, but it looks like they're all pale in comparison to The Boys, which looks like a superhero series that was designed specifically to shock.

A man with Ant-Man type powers, using them to shrink so he can... eh... jump... inside?... a lady, and give her a good time? Check.

A baby with laser vision decapitating a man? Check.

Another lady enjoying a man's... uhm... cunning linguist skills, before violently, Game Of Thrones-style popping his head open? Double check.

Like we said. Sex and violence. And then more of both.

So what exactly is the story? Well, we're introduced to a Justice League-esque group of superheroes who have all been corrupted by their own powers. Sure, they sometimes do still save the world now and again, but mostly they're just boning each other and killing random people for the thrill of it.

Enter Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who wants to put together a little team to put the superheroes back in their place, as it were.

With Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Preacher, Sausage Party) in the producers chairs, and some fantastic co-stars (Jennifer Esposito, Jack Quaid, Elisabeth Shue, Simon Pegg, Chace Crawford, Usher), plus there appears to be a telepathic dolphin in there somewhere... so, yeah, it is gonna be bonkers.

We can't wait!

The Boys will premiere its entire first season on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 26 July.

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