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04th Jan 2024

Britney Spears speaks out amid rumours of new album comeback

Kat O'Connor

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has confirmed she won’t be returning to the music industry.

Following the end of her conservatorship, fans hoped Britney Spears would continue her music career, but on her terms.

In her memoir, the singer reflects on how her conservatorship was the reason she fell out of love with music and dance. Being forced to perform, record, and tour by her father and team ruined the once magic relationship she had with the industry.

So much so that the popstar has no plans to return to the music industry. Rumours swirled about a comeback album earlier this week, but the singer has shut down the news.


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Britney Spears is focusing on her career as a songwriter

Britney told her fans that she has been focusing on a different career venture, saying that she is more interested in songwriting than performing nowadays.

The Circus singer revealed that she has been ghostwriting for two years now.

“Just so we’re clear most of the news is trash!!! They keep saying I’m turning to random people to do a new album … I will never return to the music industry!” Britney explained on an Instagram post.

“For those of you who have read my book, there’s loads that you don’t know about me … I’ve written over 20 songs for other people the past two years!

“I’m a ghostwriter and I honestly enjoy it that way!” Britney said.

The singer stressed that she is so loved and blessed.

She also told her followers that rumours that her book was released without her legal approval are also false.

As someone who recently read the singer’s memoir, there’s no doubt that she’s doing what’s right for her.

The way Britney was treated for 13 years is hard to wrap your head around, but seeing her do what she wants is a breath of fresh air.

The popstar is finally able to live the life she wants and that’s more valuable than a new album, right?

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